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How can I quickly assemble screenshots to make a large map?

Instead of assembling screenshots, it is easier to take take directly a single large screenshot. This can be done by simulating a large monitor.
Important remark: when using this trick, be sure to respect the end user license and copyright of the map.

  1. Open your favorite map site in Firefox.
  2. Select "Responsive Design View" from the Web Developer submenu. This menu is in the Tools menu (on OS X) or in the Firefox menu (on other systems). In French, it is called "Vue adaptative".
  3. Select a screen size. You can type in directly the specific size you want:
  4. Click on the camera button to save your large image.
(Warning: do not abuse the service by selecting too large a size. As a reference, the latest iMac screen size is 5120 x 2880 pixels).